Auto Body Paint Service at Amherst Collision Service in Williamsville, NY

The auto body paint technicians at Amherst Collision Service are highly skilled in creating exact paint color matches on every type of replacement parts. Our paint service is award wining, and our auto body painting team's level of professionalism and expertise is like no other.

The Buffalo, NY climate can be harsh at times. Here in Western New York we have bitter cold winters with salt covered roads, and in the summertime the sun and rain can be intense. Over time, these elements can noticeably age the appearance of your vehicle's exterior paint. The body finish may become faded, or begin to show signs of cracking or peeling. All of this may happen while the rest of your vehicle continues to run perfectly fine.

The most honest and hard-working auto body shop in Western New York

Whatever your reason is for wanting a new paint job for your vehicle, the auto paint service experts at Amherst Collision Service have you covered with their full-service auto body painting facility. With an infinitely wide range of colors, finishes and vibrancy options available, we can GUARANTEE that your vehicle will come out looking like new.

When necessary, our auto body repair jobs require that new parts be put onto your car. Rest assured that the auto body paint specialists at Amherst Collision Service will be able to find a perfect color match. All of our colors are tinted to match with a highly sophisticated paint matching system. We are up to date with enviroment friendly waterborne paint from the Lesonal paint line. Call us today or visit our contact page for more information from the best car painting service in Buffalo, NY.

All vehicle painting services come with a full AkzoNobel Warranty which protects your vehicle long after it leaves the shop!

At Amherst Collison Service, we are proud to be an AkzoNobel Lesonal Waterborne Paint Shop, and all of our technicians are E.P.A. paint certified!


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