Buffalo, NY Auto Frame Adjustment Services at Amherst Collision

Sometimes an automobile accident can severely damage the structure and shape of your vehicle's frame. When this happens, you need prompt frame alignment from the team of collision repair experts at Amherst Collision Service.

At our collision shop, we are proud to feature the tools, resources, equipment and expertise to make sure that your vehicle receives a prompt and thorough frame adjustment after an accident.

Get your vehicle's frame repaired at Amherst Collision Service in Williamsville, NY

There are two different types of automobile construction; unibody and frame. Frames are more commonly used on vehicles like trucks and SUVs where additional strength and stability are needed for towing and carrying heavy loads. Unibody construction is more common in smaller vehicles, and ones where excessive strength is not needed as much.

In about one half of automobile accidents, some level of frame damage is experienced. Many pieces of your vehicle are in a connected relationship to the frame, so it's possible that your car will require both traditional collision service as well as a frame adjustment if the damage is exensive enough.

After an automobile collision, points on a vehicle's frame may becomes bent and the strength of the frame can weaken. In time this can lead to additional damage and compromised vehicle safety. That's why it's important to make sure you trust the right team of frame straightening mechanics, like the team at Amherst Collision Service.

We make sure that your frame repair is done on our frame-adjustment machine, which uses high-strength hydraulic machinery to realign everything with incredible force. Once your frame has been realigned and restored to its original shape and condition, all of the remaining exterior body parts will fit correctly!


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