Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Collision and Repair

My insurance company told me to take my car to their network repair shop. Can’t I choose where to have my car repaired?

The choice is yours and yours alone when selecting a repair shop. Insurance companies may recommend direct repair shops in their network for you to take your car to, but that is only a recommendation. It’s your choice to select a quality collision shop to repair your vehicle.

If my insurance estimate is lower than the shop estimate, do I have to pay for the difference?

No. The cost to repair all damages, as a result of an accident, will be covered by your insurance company after your deductible. The collision shop works with the insurance company to negotiate an agreed price on repairs to your vehicle. The end result is the insurance estimate you receive.

What if there is additional damage found on my vehicle and it is not listed on my insurance estimate?

This is a common occurrence for collision repairs. When you go through insurance and the collision shop finds additional damage, the shop will supplement the insurance company for any additional parts or repair time needed. The insurance company will re-inspect the vehicle for the hidden damage and will cover the additional costs.

What should I do with the check I received from my insurance company?

In most cases, the easiest way to pay for your repairs is to hold on to the check until your repairs are completed. When you pick up your vehicle, you can sign the check over to the shop.

I don’t have rental coverage on my policy and I need a car. What are my options?

Most policies offer rental coverage at a very low cost to you. If you do not have rental coverage at the time of your claim, there are still rental car discounts that are available to you. Before you book your own rental, call our shop and we can locate you a car at a great affordable rate. We can also arrange to have the car on location at the same time you drop off your car and when the repairs are completed, you can leave the rental with us.

My car was totaled and I can’t afford a new car. What can I do?

When the cost to repair your vehicle exceeds the value of your car, it is considered a total loss. In some cases, we can find alternative parts to cut the cost of the repair and still be able to fix the vehicle, to pre-accident condition, without exceeding the amount of the insurance check. Safety of your vehicle is our highest priority and if we feel the integrity of your vehicle is compromised, we will decline the repairs and will offer you some options to find a replacement vehicle.

What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are made from companies other than your manufacturer. These companies make a replica of your factory part and are often significantly cheaper. When an insurance company writes for aftermarket parts, we order certified parts which comes with a warranty that guarantees a good fit and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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